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About Us

The Doxie Parents
north florida dachshunds

Barkfest didnt win but she

made the news paper

Hello I am Teresa Davis, together my husband and I got our first dachshund in 2004 after our daughter graduated from high school and moved away for college. We are now the happy owners of  thirteen miniature dachshunds of our own. We love our babies and they bring us much joy as you can see from our photos. We are dedicated and specialize in the truly unique qualities Dachshunds have to offer.


It is our hope that we will be able to share the joy and laughter that our family of dachshunds have brought to us through the puppies that we produce on a limited basis.


We have over 18 years of experience owning, raising quality dogs and our priority is to meet or exceed the AKC breed standards. We are dedicated to producing the healthiest dogs possible. In addition, we assess the personalities of our dogs and strive to combine only the best of our dachshund's traits for the overall well being of all our dogs and puppies. We concentrate on breeding for excellent temperament and  unique personality


The greatest joy anyone can experience in life is the love of their dog(s). We are located in North Florida and raise Tallahassee dachshunds and breeder dachshund sales.

This is our little Precious at the St. Patricks Day parade and fun day at the park. We love our outings.

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